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The reason we call this site "The Wine Pairing" is because wine has been a part of our lives for as long as we have been a pair. Shortly after our wedding, we moved to Virginia, and within weeks visited our first winery, where we knew the wife of the winemaker. Within a short period, we visited every winery within a 30 mile radius of Charlottesville, and explored the wine lists of nearly every restaurant in town.

Heather & Brian in, where else, Napa Valley.

Heather & Brian in, where else, Napa Valley.

One might think moving to Buffalo would hinder our wine experiences, but au contraire! From New York's Finger Lakes and the Niagara Wine Trail to the incredible variety of wines across the border in Ontario, we expanded our palates, developed a fondness for ice wine, and decided to make our first pilgrimage to Napa, a.k.a. "The Promised Land," i.e. "Eden." 

It was difficult to leave the Silverado Trail, so we vowed to return (and did!) and our fate was sealed. From there, this pairing explored the wines of the mid-Atlantic, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and joined the Providence Wine Academy, where we learned a lot about "Old World" wines. Today we host a monthly wine tasting club in Ohio, and are tasting wines from all over the world, although our fondness for Spanish wines has become a bit of an obsession. 

This site is an attempt to cull together all of our wine experiences in one place. We have tasted some very good wines, and some not so good. We have found some wine accessories that have performed excellently for us, and some that haven't. We have visited some amazing wineries, and some that we'd prefer to forget. We are certainly not experts, but if we can help you navigate the often confusing but always fascinating world of wine through our experiences, then we have succeeded. 


Brian and Heather
The Wine Pairing