Echo Echo Coastal Red Blend 2016

Echo Echo Coastal Red Blend 2016


For me, wine has always been intertwined with music. Some of my fondest memories involve tasting a delicious wine while listening to an artist perform. I'll never forget the yellow leaves that fell softly around the stage as David Gray performed "Babylon," intensifying the memory of the ridiculously good Napa Cabernet Sauvignon I was sipping at the time. So when Heather and I heard about Echo Echo Wines including a curated Spotify playlist with each bottle of wine they sell, we were intrigued. 

The experience of turning off the noise of the day, and taking time to enjoy the artistry of a wine, while discovering new music at the same time is a brilliant marketing plan, but also fraught with danger if the music or the wine fails to impress. So....does Echo Echo succeed? 


Their Coastal Red Blend is a very solid and interesting Rhone blend of Syrah and Grenache which is aged mostly in stainless steel. The result is a crisp, vibrant red boasting cherry and floral aromas, with tart plum and blackberry flavors, and a lingering peppery finish. 

And the music "paired" with this wine worked too! From the smooth EDM of Cautious Clay to the earthy roots rock of Anna Burch, the effect of the music on the wine was interesting. I would never have heard any of the four artists included with the bottle we received, but I added several of the 12 songs included to personal playlists of my own. 

And the $20 price point is right in the middle of comparable California blends which don’t include the Spotify playlist! 



Drinking wine engages nearly every sense, except for hearing. Echo Echo seeks to engage all senses by pairing their wine with emerging artists, providing a curated playlist on Spotify. Brian and I spent the evening tasting the Coastal Red Blend while enjoying the playlist of artists we were unfamiliar with. It really did enhance the wine-tasting experience!

The Bundschu family has presented music on their family vineyard for six generations and repeatedly stands witness to the powerful interplay of music and wine.
— Echo Echo Wine

As I listened to the often retro-sounding tunes, I found myself getting nostalgic and remembering summers of my youth, a feeling intensified by the Coastal Red Blend’s scents of strawberry jam, vanilla, pipe tobacco (my dad occasionally smoked a pipe) and flavors of fresh strawberries and Tab…yes that Tab. A medium finish with a bit of pepper was nice, but I felt like this wine will fare better hanging out in the cellar for another couple of years.

Otherwise, it was a welcome change to turn off the TV, put away the devices, and just enjoy a night of new music paired with good wine.


  • ProducerEcho Echo Wine

  • Region/Appellation: Sonoma, California

  • Grape Varieties: Syrah, Grenach

  • Vintage: 2016

  • Alcohol: 14.1%

  • Price: $20



This Rhone blend is a different GSM: Syrah, Grenache, and music…and it will intrigue all senses.


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